SWS Confinement Meal

Originated from Yong Sheng Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture and Moxibustion Center since its establishment in 1978.

SWS Medical is managed by the family of Su Jincai, the chairman of the Klang Valley Chinese Pharmaceutical Association. Growing from small family business model, it has now evolving into a big team of professional Chinese medicine practitioners after two generations. Since 2014, SWS Medical fully committed to the development of babies and mummies’ care series, and thanks to the recognition from all walks of life, we able to provide a series of products from Pre-conception, pregnancy and antenatal period, childbirth period, the confinement period, and even the small confinement period.

We have a group of TCM doctors as our advisor, specialized in women’s health especially the expecting and new mothers. By combining the concept of traditional Chinese medicine with the modern health concepts, we are able to provide our clients the best medical care.

In SWS Confinement Meal – We hope that we can give all the best confinement experience, in order to achieve the fastest physical and mental recovery after childbirth.”

A Wide Diversity of Meal Plan

We have a variety of menu choices that combines both Chinese and Modern concept, doctors and professional dietitian team to develop confinement meal plan that are not only appetizing, but also provide you with the essential nutrition during your critical postpartum period.


Food and Ingredient Quality

We promise to use the freshest ingredients and all our SWS Chinese herbs have obtained the food safety and zero pollution certification to ensure the quality of our dishes.

We will be only using organic meat or Kampung chicken, and the most important essence in our Confinement Meal – Bentong Ginger. We insist on MSG free on all our dishes, and our chefs are good in healthy food preparation method. You can definitely enjoy our meal plan in a peace of mind.


28 days TCM Health Regeneration

SWS 28 Herbs Package is based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine [Detox, Regulate, Restore] to replenish postpartum mothers by restoring the blood and energy lost during childbirth. Our SWS 28 Herbs Package applies the concept of ‘Yin and Yang’ balance, and replenish the “qi” in TCM, mainly to help:

1st Week - Helps you to remove blood clot and lochia.

Whether it is a natural birth or a caesarean section, the blood clots need to be drained. If the lochia has not been cleared up completely, it will lead to bacterial infection and may cause gynecological issues in the future.

This phase is the time to restore maternal strength and promoting wound healing.

2nd Week - Tone up your muscles and bones.

Postpartum mother’s nervous system will take some time for recovery, and the stability of joints is still very weak. Muscles and bones strengthening during these period can prevent joint pain and rheumatism in the old age.

At this stage, the body is gradually recovering, the appetite improves, and the five vital internal organs are reset. It is necessary to prepare for the next stage of nourishing and consolidation.

3rd and 4th week - Start restoring

After two weeks of recovery, the body has improved significantly and the daily activities also almost back to normal, so it is necessary to increase the intake to meet the nutritional needs.

Through nourishing and strengthening of the body, the prenatal body shape will be restored easier. This is the time when you can enjoy the whole confinement period.

*** SWS 28 Herbs Package is suitable and can be safely taken post natural birth / caesarean section / breastfeeding / G6PD Deficiency / vegetarian mothers.

The only confinement Herbs Package that passed the Western Diagnostic tests and TCM certification.

Our Team



Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and nutrition experts are responsible for research and development, ensure the quality of all our products, so that we can customised each customer’s needs accordingly.



Five-star cooking experience, strict ingredients selection, individually packaging for hygienic purposes, and you can enjoy the food with absolute peace of mind.



Our patience and attentive customer service team will answer to any of your questions promptly, taking care of your needs, and helping you to solve any related matters.

Our Consultants


Yicheng TCM is a modern TCM diagnostic and treatment centre, dedicated to provide the public attentive, professional and high-quality diversified medical and health care services. Adhering to the saying of “sincere heart of a great practitioner”, all their young professional doctors will treat
you wholeheartedly.

Dr. Soo I Von

With over 10 years of medical practice experience, Dr. Soo has a special interest in regeneration and nutrition. She is passionate about focusing on practice and medical solutions tailored to each individual.

Dr. Glenn Chong

Dr. Chong holds a PhD in Clinical Nutrition from UKM. Currently, as a clinical dietitian, he provides dietary and medical nutrition counseling, especially to special needs patients.


Each dishes is individually packed in a “food grade aluminium foil container”, and all are heat-sealed to preserved the food quality and guaranteed hygiene for delivery.


We consider that mummy may be busy or have no time to eat on time, so we can provide the food warmer service, so that mummy can enjoy the warm dishes every day.

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