Post Operation Meal

Nowadays more people are emphasizing healthy lifestyle. Eating out has become a norm now due to the hectic life, and it’s relatively difficult to avoid heavy and oily food when we eat out, this will eventually slowly causing more long term effect to our health.

In SWS – Nursing Meal, each meal plan is customized by our professional nutrition expert so that you can get a more balanced and nutritious diet to fasten the body recovery, and also for health nourishment.

Due to the changes in our body metabolism post-surgery, we will need to increase protein and calories intake in order to speed up the recovery process.

Our SWS Herbs Package can help women to increase their red blood cells, improving blood circulation, regulate hormonal imbalance, calming the mind and nervous system, and nourishing our body generally. By improving the blood flow of the uterus, it can significantly increase the rate of fertility.

It is suitable for those who want to reset their body with a proper meal plan, applying the concept of detoxification, reset and supplementing.

To take note of:

1. Both lunch and dinner will be served with different soups, main dishes, vegetables and side dishes. (2 dishes and 1 soup)
2. You can choose one meal a day or two meals a day.
3. The 28 herbs package is prepared according to your confinement stage, and you can choose a meal with or without the herbs package.
4. The meal delivery time depends on your delivery location.
5. Lunch and dinner will be delivered in separate deliveries.
6. The meal delivery package includes 20km transportation service. If it exceeds 20km, there will be an additional RM1/km.