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SWS Confinement Meal is derived from Wing Sang founded in 1978, a well-established Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Centre. With our 41 years of TCM experience, SWS developed our ‘Signature Confinement Meal Plan with Herbs Pack 28’ along with the 3R concept – Release, Replenish and Rejuvenate.

SWS Confinement Meal proudly present to you professional and superb delicious confinement dishes

✔️ Traditional Chinese medicine doctors and nutrition experts are responsible for the research and development, quality of Chinese medicine accompany with medicated food, so that it varies from person to person, time to time, and tonic.

✔️ Experienced five-star chefs, carefully selecting the freshest ingredients, and hygienic independent packaging, so you can enjoy delicious dishes with absolute peace of mind.

✔️ Superb attentive customer service, answer all questions, solve any related matters for you, and never delay processing. SWS Confinement Meal is your first choice, because you deserve it.

(14/28/42 Days) Confinement Meal

Pre Pregnancy Meal

Hospital Meal

Confinement Herbs Package 28

Our Confinement Herbs Package 28 has developed based on Wing Dang TCM 3R concept- Release (1st week) Replenish (2nd week) and Rejuvenate (3rd and 4th week). It help women replenish the blood and energy lost during childbirth. Our medicated soup package is derived from the balance of “yin and yang” and “qi” in traditional Chinese medicine, mainly to help:

The first week is mainly to remove blood clots and lochia. Whether it is a natural or caesarean birth, dirty blood must be drained because it will remain in the uterus more or less. It is to excrete the necrotic decidua and blood stasis out of the body. If the lochia has not been excreted, it will cause bacterial infection of the body and cause gynaecological diseases.

The second week is to replenish the nervous system, strengthen bones and prevent colds. After childbirth, Mommy’s endocrine system has not fully recovered, and the stability of the joints is still weak. Good conditioning of the muscles and bones can prevent joint pain and rheumatism in the elderly.

In the third and forth week, restore strength and energy, and improve blood circulation. When mommy is pregnant, the internal organs will be affected to a certain extent, and the function will be weakened, so it must be adjusted in time. The five internal organs are: liver, heart, spleen, lung and kidney. The six fu-organs are: gallbladder, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, bladder and triple burnt. .

SWS Confinement Meal Menu

Our confinement meal is design by Traditional Chinese medicine doctors and nutrition experts, quality of Chinese medicine accompany with medicated food, so that it varies from person to person, time to time, and tonic. According to your needs and physical condition, we will prepare the most suitable and nutritious confinement meal for you.

Our menu has more than 50 kind of dishes, so you can easily enjoy the confinement meal at home. Below is our confinement meal for 14/28/42 days.

Lunch & Dinner
1 portion of SWS Tonic Soup / nourishing health soup
1 portion of main dish
1 portion of side dish
1 portion of vegetable
1 portion of white/brown/whole grains rice
1 L of dangshen jujube tea

We have been a Chinese medicine company for 42 years, helping more than 60,000 mummies to have confinement easily. We have a large team of traditional Chinese medicine, physicians and nutritionists as your backing. We guarantee that our SWS Confinement Meal is the best choice for you mummy.


SGS Certification Test

Being the only confinement meal plan in Malaysia that is founded by combination of both Western and Chinese Medicine. By constantly sending all our confinement herbs for lab testing every 6 months, we can ensure all mummies that all our SWS 28 Day’s Confinement Herbs are free from Bacterial / Heavy Metals / Sulfur contamination.

SWS28 Tonic Soup is made with the most high-quality herbs, and also has
[SGS certification test and medical general product certification]
✔️ Sulfur pollution examination
✔️ Bacterial contamination examination
✔️ Heavy metal pollution examination
✔️ The only company with a certificate issued by the Chinese Medicine Association
✔️ US FDA certification

It is safely taken by mothers who are born naturally, cut abdomen, breast-feeding/G6PD/vegetarians.

Hot-sealed Packaging

We have chosen these hot-sealed individual packaging as this is one of the safest container to store food for deliveries. Extra thickness, heat resistance, microwaves safe and hot-sealed. This is to ensure all our dishes are well stored in a proper container to retain the best food quality.

All dishes and soup are contained in hot-sealed individual container, your food will be warm when it reaches you in the hospital. You still can pamper yourselves with home-style comfort food with highest nutritional value even during hospital stay.


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